Steely Scam

UK Steely Dan tribute band

About Steely Scam

Steely Scam faithfully recreate the original sound of Steely Dan, covering all the classics (see current set list on the Media page) they promise a performance second to none, not only for Steely Dan fans but for all music lovers and musicians.

More than just another tribute band, these superb musicians recreate the intricacies of Fagen and Becker’s music and deliver an evening of fabulous entertainment!

”If you close your eyes, you could be listening to the real thing. Every detail has been accurately captured – the most realistic tribute you are ever likely to see. Incredible!”

See them live to experience the complex chordal composition, tight 4-piece vocal harmonies and quirky lyrical stories which are undeniably Steely Dan.

The band also encompasses the Division Horns, swelling its line up to ten. ‘These gigs are less frequent for logistical reasons,’ says Bob. ‘They tend to be for the larger festivals like Brecon, which we’re hoping to return to this August. When we get Dave Desmond and his horn section in as well as Odette, it’s icing and jam.’

The band is set to roll out now as a five, six or ten piece and is pursuing jazz festival bookings as fans across the UK call for a gig in their locality.

‘We’re a niche band but we know there are hard core fans all over the country. We really do appreciate it if you know of a festival or venue in your area and put us in touch,’ says drummer Simon Tilley. ‘Like our Facebook page and drop us some information there – or just email us from the website. We’ll always follow up your suggestions.’