Steely Scam

UK Steely Dan tribute band


I’m Bob Phillips, the bassist/vocalist.

We always had music in the family home as Dad was a harmonica player with a self-accompanying style of vamping between melody notes (pre Bobby McFerrin).

Many a night at the bus stop on the way home from the pub you could hear Mum say ..”put it away Wally” but he would just whip it out there and then and give the queue a demo.

Both of my brothers and several of my 5 sisters have been in bands of some sort over the years.

That’s me, back left, posing with our soul band Fusion Road Show in 1968. My first proper band, who played their final gig at the old Concord Club at the Bassett.The hair has moved southwards somewhat. (Dig that crazy ambulance)

Ray, the then singer, went on to play with Honky who made 2 appearances on TOTP with their hit single Join the Party (dance not political).

Names of bands I have played with include The Scum, You Know Hoo, The Fusion(Road Show), Eddie Smith Trio, TheTenor C’s, Baroque, Egg on Legs,Legs (spin off), Eye Level, I D A, Goldrush now you’re talking), Joker, Billy Whizz, Tapestry, and to this day Sunflower headed by the legendary Sid Carter.

Gear List

Gear list

Wal custom 4 string active bass guitar

Hartke 115 Kickback amplifier

Yamaha twin pick-up bass guitar

Peavey 300 Black Widow bass combo

1966 Fender Jazz bass Bass

Plectrum (unused)