Steely Scam

UK Steely Dan tribute band


Well I suppose this is my fault, I’m really sorry. I’ll clean it all up when I’ve finished. But maybe not for a while.

In my defence, I was in a promising but extremely dull job, working for a well respected multi-national corporation, when I thought “b****cks this is horrible!
I used to play in bands, me. I used to hit things and make lots of noise and people used to give me money – sort of. Oh yes, and wasn’t there something called.. fun?”

Prior to getting sensible, some of those bands were Reflex, Fountain, Florida and Intuition. I was heavily involved in the first incarnation of the stax/soul band, Big Brother and played with them for the first part of their life. Then came the Army/Naval base bands, where we used to play to people’s arms and navels. From there, it all got a bit workaday, as these things can.

So I decided to not play at all and earn far more money. Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? Money, I mean. Well, I became very sensible indeed, which damn near drove me crazy! After ten years of that, when a decent chance came, I reminded myself what a set of drums looks like.But what did I want to play to avoid going back to workaday stuff? Whose music did I love above all others? Why The Dan of course – who else?

But nobody would even attempt to play that stuff and anyway, everyone I knew before would be dead by now. I went to see my mate Eddie at Fret Music (at least HE wasn’t dead) and bought a kit from him.

“And before I go Ed, are there any musicians daft enough to want to attempt playing Steely Dan?”
The insane laughter finally subsided and he accused Bob of having the necessary skills. Bob, when I called him and he’d stood up again, shopped Pete without hesitation. I suspect they’ll confess the rest to you in their own testimonies.

Spookily, I met Mike in one of the original pre-Big Brother incarnations (Carnation: A pleasant smelling and much loved flower) playing Little Feat and Zappa. And Ray, he is the elusive and brilliant keyboard player that the whole thing wouldn’t work without. And he’s just too damn young to remember any of that old stuff! Apart from all of it, that is.
I rest my case.

Gear List

1995 “Deep Aqua” Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom jazz fusion kit

Yamaha Steve Gadd sig maple snare

Yam, DW and Tama hardware

Roland V-drums with “attitude” customisation (for rehearsal and tiny clubs)

Strident Systems “UberFoot” kik drum vibrator

“The Medusa” strap-on third arm attachment (unused)